Exterior Painting Process

Wash:  We begin by power washing your house or structure with a high-pressure power washer.  We also use a power washer if paint stripping is necessary. 

Prep: Top-Tier Professional Painting will then wait for the house to dry.  We do all scraping and sanding of flaking, chipping, or peeling paint then prime all bare wood surfaces.   Blistering siding will be brushed and back rolled at this time to help seal and hide for final coat appearance.  Back rolling is not done at time of spray application to ensure proper texture of applied paint.  Not all blistering will be completely concealed upon completion.

Top-Tier Professional Painting then caulks the entire house at this time.  We use a 45-55 year caulk and seals all soffit vents, vinyl windows, re-caulk bronze windows if necessary, caulk the backs of highly visible lower fascia and soffit, and caulk all corner boards, door jambs, cracks and any other places to make the final paint job look clean and neat.

Paint:  After the house has had the proper time to dry, we will begin painting your home.  Top-Tier Professional Painting applies all paints according to manufacture specifications to insure proper warranty.  Proper warranty includes applying the paint at a proper mil thickness wet or dry.  Two coats will not add to or take away from the warranty.  We apply all paint in a two-coat process to thickness specifications.  If necessary, we add more coats for coverage or hiding at our discretion. 

All trim, window trim, corner boards, side batting, fascia, and door jambs are brushed and rolled with two coats of paint where appropriate.  Gutters are primed and painted using an airless sprayer and fine finish tip.  The body of your structure is painted using an airless sprayer and applying the paint at the proper thickness and

overlapping by 50% one time to insure coverage and warranty.  All primed and blistered areas are back rolled prior to spraying giving them 3 layers of paint.

Clean: Top-Tier Professional Painting will try to clean the job site cleaner then when we arrived.  This includes picking up all trash, cleaning all walk ways, drive ways, porches, etc.

Touch up Kit:  A touch up kit that includes a pint of each paint or product used is left in a labeled box for your convenience (when available).  Each sample is labeled with the color name or number, type of product, sheen, and where it is located on the job. 

Invoice: Upon completion, The Top-Tier Professional Painting job site manager will give you the invoice along with a touch up request, customer suggestion form, and invoice, for your convenience and satisfaction.  We encourage all customers to send the suggestion form in whether positive or negative to help improve customer service.  All reviews will be used on our website and social media to help promote our business.

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